Best Helmet Intercoms in India.

Motopanda bluetooth intercom review

Are you searching for helmet Intercoms in India? But confused about which one to buy? Don’t worry we have done all our research and shortlisted some of the best ones so that you don’t get confused and save your time.

BT – S2 Bluetooth Intercom

Bt – s2 is the best entry-level intercom that you will find in the market today. Not to forget the cheapest as well. It supports Bluetooth version 3 (V3). It is claimed to be waterproof but haven’t really tested it in heavy rains, but it does withstand light showers for sure. Works fine at speed up to 80 kmph.

Some Features of BT – S2

  • You can receive phone calls automatically.
  • It supports last number redial.
  • BT -s2 allows you to control music – forward, backward, play, pause
  • Supports noise suppression technology and DSP echo cancellation
  • Works fine between temp from -30 deg to 70 deg.
  • Supports 10 hours of battery life when connected to a phone and up to 6 hours while using the intercom

BT – S2 costs approx. between INR 2300 – 3000.

Bt – S2 does not support conference calling.

The BT – S2 can only be used for up to 2 riders. It is not useful while riding in a bigger group which is the only major disadvantage of this device.

Vnetphone v6 Bluetooth Intercom

Vnetphone v6 is one good and a slightly better alternative to BT – S2. Better because it works a little better at speeds above 80 kmph and up to 100 kmph and the sound quality of its speakers is also a little better than the BT-S2.

Features of Vnetphone V6 Bluetooth intercom

  • Vnetphone V6 is all-weather, rain and snow resistance
  • Working range is 1200 meters
  • It can be connected to 6 riders at a time.
  • Vnetphone v6 has wind noise DSP cancellation
  • Ease to mount
  • Works for 7 hours
  • Supports FM

Vnetphone v6 cost between INR 2200 – 2800

Vnetphone v6 does not support conference calling.

Yes, you read it correctly. It does support 6 riders connect but it only pairs them at the same time. If you want to communicate with all 6 at the same time it is not possible. You have to select which rider you want to talk to with the help of a button and then walk to that rider which is a major disappointment too!

Vnetphone v4 Bluetooth intercom

If you are planning to ride in a group you need to have a conference calling feature in your intercom. Well, Vnetphone v4 helps you here. It supports 4 riders connect with conference calling. Yes, it is almost twice the cost of v6, But conference calling makes it worth the upgrade if you have a group.

Features of Vnetphone v4 Bluetooth intercom

  • Supports conference calling
  • Four riders connect
  • It supports noise reduction
  • Vnetphone v4 is waterproof as well as windproof
  • It can automatically receive phone calls.
  • Works pretty well at 100 kmph plus speeds too.

Vnetphone v4 cost approx. INR 4500-5000

ASG SG-5 Bluetooth intercom

Are you the person with a lot of riding friends and often ride with 6-7 riders? Don’t worry this intercom is there to back you. The sound quality and built quality is far more superior then Vnetphone and BT-S2. But the best part about this intercom is that it supports conference calling with up to 8 riders.

Features of ASG SG-5

  • Supports Answer and Hang up Call
  • Calls last dialed number.
  • Music and volume controls
  • Supports FM
  • Supports SIRI and Google Now
  • It can be used while charging.
  • Charges in less than 3 hours.
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.1
  • Dust and Water-resistant (With IP65)

ASG SG-5 cost INR 8999

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