Car Care Tips During LockDown

car care tips during lockdown motopanda

Car Care Tips During LockDown. The world is facing a lockdown situation due to COVID-19. We cannot go out of our house except for essential day to day needs. Our cars and bikes are stuck too. The current situation doesn’t seem to be resolving soon. And our cars are going to be standing still for a very long time. And in such conditions, we need to take care of them. So we came up with some car care tips for this lockdown period.

How to protect your car when parked for a very long time? (Car Care Tips)

Don’t use handbrake to park your car – (Important car care tip)

Parking your car using a handbrake is very common these days but it works well if you are going to use it for a short span. But if your car is will be parked for more than 3-4 days then it is a big NO. There is a chance of us wearing out our brake pads soon enough if we do so.

So how do I keep my car in one place without using handbrake?

Well, its pretty simple you can do it by using your gears. Put your car in first gear and park it and you are sorted there.

Make use of a parking cover

Everyone is not so lucky in India so have a garage for their cars, as a result, some have to park them in the bright sun. To avoid this some do park them under tress. But remember to cover your car with a parking cover in order to protect your paint from dust and bird poop.

Clean your car interiors

Many of us have a very bad habit of eating inside the car. I don’t blame you for doing it but this fast life it the main reason for it. But this should e avoid as much as possible. Now if you are going to park your car for a very long time. Make sure your have cleaned your car interiors as if it has some fallen food particles there is a high chance that rodents or insects might get inside your car and if they like it too much there they might just make it their new home. This is the most important Car care tip you should follow.

Start your car for at least 5 mins once a week – (A car care to be followed in regular days as well)

If your car is going to be there for a long time there is a risk that you might just drain the battery as it won’t be charging on its own with a shut car. So whenever you get time to go and start your car for at least 5 mins. This will give the battery some time to charge and it won’t die.

Move your car

The tyres are made of rubber and it’s flexible but if kept under pressure for a long time it can tend to take that shape. So say if your car is still there is high chances of your tyres to develop a flat shape on the area where they make contact with the road. To avoid such a situation and to keep your tyres in a good shape move your car to and fro.

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Fuel up

Lower fuel levels can lead to rusting in the fuel tank and can increase the dangers and affect your car’s health. so whenever you are going to keep your car parked for a longer time span don’t forget to fuel it up to avoid rusting in it.

Things to do for a healthy car (Car Care Tips)

  • Don’t use handbrake to park your car
  • Make use of a parking cover
  • Clean your car interiors
  • Fire your engine for 5 mins once a week to avoid battery drain issues
  • Move your car to avoid a flat shape tyre issue
  • Fuel up for avoiding rusts inside the fuel tanks

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