How to maintain your two-wheelers in good condition.

how to Maintain your MotorCycle Motopanda

Maintaining your motorcycle is the toughest part to do and the going gets even tougher if you are someone like a Panda (cute as f**k but LAZY too). We generally succeed in maintaining or let us even say as over caring and maintaining the bike new for the honeymoon period i.e. when the bike is new. But trust me you have to be committed to this, at times even more committed and loyal to your bike than a girl. Sounds difficult do not worry we at MotoPanda are here to make your life a little bit simpler. How? well, we have come up with a checklist that will help you maintain the beauty of your bike as well as its performance.

Do not use that engine kill switch.

Yes, you heard that right. The engine kill switch is supposed to be used only during any emergency situation not to be used as an engine start-stop button.

The kill switch shuts your engine abruptly and if used on a daily basis might have some effect on your engine. Always keep your engine kill switch on and use your bike’s key to start and stop your bike.

Flush your engines.

An engine flush removes all the carbon and impurities from your engine. Well not 100% of it to be honest but around 70 – 80% of it for sure because when you drain your oil some amount of oil is stuck inside the engine and cannot be drained easily.

Do not accelerate when the clutch is pressed.

My new riders will be doing this for sure and it is understandable if you are a new rider. But make sure not to do so in the initial phase itself in order to be a clever rider. Pressing the clutch and accelerating might just damage your clutch plate. And mind-you clutch plates are not cheap.

Clean and Lube your bike chain.

Chain plays a very important role in your motorcycle. A bike chain is by default lubricated from the manufacturer but only at the part where it touches the sprocket, the chain links need to be cleaned and lubricated in order to get a friction-free movement of your chain. Cleaning and lubing your chain can also improve your mileage a bit and help you reduce your chain noise (Pulsar owners know it well 😛 ).
Clean your chain’s with kerosene and lube them with gear oil. This is the cheapest and most effective method by far. We will be making another blog/vlog on chain cleaning and lubing so stay tuned.

Clean your fuel tank at regular intervals.

We have to accept this fact that we cannot get 100% pure petrol anywhere in India and if you believe you get it around you then please comment below and enlight us we would love to give them a shoutout. So coming back to the topic, petrol here might have some impurity due to the storage tanks it is kept in or the tanks they are carried in. Now, this impurity will transfer through petrol in your bike’s tank. Further obstructing the carburetor or the engine to perform with its full potential. Hence clean your fuel tanks at regular intervals.

Add petrol additive regular intervals.

You will tend to get many mixed reviews about this topic. But we will still prefer adding them. Petrol addictive adds to the octane rating of your petrol and also acts as a lubricant to your bike’s engine. You get a lot of variety of petrol additives. Some clean your injectors, some cleanse your engines while some act like octane boosters.

Wait for the display to load when you turn the ignition on.

There is no such hard and fast rule for avoiding this but this is just a practice you should follow. I have experienced this hence I wanted to share this. So I always used to just start my pulsar 200 ns without waiting for its welcome screen to load and once the screen got locked and this incident has occurred a lot of time after that.

Turn your headlights off before turning your ignition.

This is not possible with current Bharat stage 4 (BS-IV) norms but if you tend to keep your headlight on and start your bike your battery takes a lot of loads to start. You will not experience this when your battery is charged but if sometimes your battery refuses to start due to battery issue turn off your headlight and try to start it. it will start in many cases if the battery has some power. Won’t work if the battery is fully dead. Also keep your headlight on and starting your bike can blow your headlight bulb.

Try and avoid using the half clutch setting.

The half clutch setting works amazingly but on tracks where every millisecond matters. Here in the city traffic half clutch is doing no good to you instead you end up messing up with your clutch gear coordinations resulting in shifting gears without pressing the clutch on time and stressing your clutch plate. Resulting in wearing out the clutch plate sooner.

Do not turn your ignition off in any gear.

This is just one more practice to bring your bike in neutral and then turning it off in order to keep the gearbox smoothly running.

These were some of the useful tips to keep your bike like new. If you have some more ideas please reach out to us at or just comment below and we will add them to this list.

Tips to keep your bike like new

  • Do not use the engine kill switch.
  • Flush your engines with engine flush
  • Do not accelerate when the clutch is pressed.
  • Clean and Lube your bike chain.
  • Clean your fuel tank at regular intervals.
  • Add petrol additive regular intervals.
  • Wait for the display to load when you turn the ignition on.
  • Turn your headlights off before turning your ignition.
  • Try and avoid using the half clutch setting.
  • Do not turn your ignition off in any gear.
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