How to Remove and Install Helmet Visor

How to remove motorcycle helmet visor

Helmets with easy to remove or quick release are everywhere these days. It has become like essential feature on helmets nowadays. But still, these quick release visors can have complex functionality for installing and remove the helmet visor. And there are still some people who find this as a task. To make this simple we came up with this simple tutorial on how to remove and install helmet visor.

All helmet visors have a similar basic function to remove the visor. This basic visor removal consists of pulling a lever and pulling the connector while installing has a basic pushing of the connector of the visor to the helmet visor slot function. To make sure you have hands-on this process we will demonstrate this process with 2 different brand helmets Airoh and Sol.

Steps to remove Helmet visor of SOL Helmet

All helmets have a visor connector (generally spherical), helmet connector, and a lever. All these parts are shown below.

Step 1: Open visor to its max

Step 2: Pull the lever down

Step 3: Pull out the visor

Step 4: Follow these on both sides one by one

Your visor will be out.

How to remove the helmet visor of Airoh Helmet?

All helmets have a similar function just a bit different from each brand. For e.g. here in sol helmets, we have to pull the lever down while in Airoh we have to push the lever upwards. But the functioning is the same i.e. pull the lever and pull the visor out.

Open the visor to its max capacity

Pull the lever upwards

Pull out the visor

Repeat these steps on another side.

Steps to install helmet visor on a motorcycle helmet

1: Hold your visor like it is fully open on one side.

2: Connect the helmet connector and visor connector and push.

3: Pull the lever down and try to close visor.

4: Repeat this for another side as well.

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