Medical kit for a long ride

“Prevention is better than cure!!”

We have been reading and hearing the above proverb since our school days right? It’s time we implement it in our riding ethics as well. We need to be prepared for things which we haven’t calculated for the ride.

Medical emergency and accidents always come unannounced, but it’s wise to carry basic medical kit which can help us in our road trip. Car or bike team Motopanda always urges you to carry the first aid kit during the trips. PLEASE NOTE if the injury is serious, do get it examined by the nearest doctor, clinic, or hospital.

Our First aid kit contains:

  1. Band aids: small yet effective and necessary for small cuts etc.
  2. Antiseptic liquid: This is the most import in terms cleaning the wound and keeping the wounded part germ and infection free.
  3. Soframycin: The cream to sooth the wounds, cuts etc.
  4. Rolled Bandage Gauze: in case the wound are big and basic dressing needs to done, this shall be useful rather than using any cloth.
  5. Gauze Swabs: Post cleaning the wound you can apply the cream on the swab and tie an effective dressing.
  6. Dressing tape
  7. Pair relief spray: This is going to help you always a sore back or neck or even on injuries which cause swelling.
  8. Dynacrepe : in case of swelling this is an effective bandage roll which can ease of the pain.
  9. Imodium: For an upset tummy we swear by it. You can also have black coffee with half portion of lemon.
  10. Vomistop: As the name suggest it shall cure the vomiting due to contaminated water etc.
  11. Paracetamol: This should help fight the fever and fever like condition, also basic cold.
  12. Fruit salt/ENO: For that acidity you may end up with due to change in food.
  13. Diamox: doing ladhak or spiti? This should help you fight the altitude sickness with good effect.     

All said and done these are the JUST the basic things which you should carry in your first aid, apart from the above mentioned please do carry any personal doctor prescribed medications beforehand as the availability of those may an issue in remote areas. Do keep an extra packet in another compartment of your bag in case if you misplace any.

Always Ride safe, stay safe and respect the road and machine, invest in the safety gear because safety is sexier than anything what you do on ride.

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