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basic riding gears motopanda

If you are someone who wants to explore the length and breadth of this country and if you are thinking to do on the bike there are few safety gears you need to have in your arsenal. Yes, in literal terms it’s going to be your true arsenal, your protective equipment.

So now that you have your location zeroed in and your bike ready for the journey, lets glance over the most important gears one should invest and use for a bike ride for one’s safety, as the old saying goes by “prevention is better than cure”.


Best Motorcycle Helmets Motopanda

The most important gear is your helmet, most of the severe injuries and impact is on the head in a time of an untoward fall or a crash. So you need to have a good quality helmet with basic certifications. An expensive helmet is not always the best helmet unless and until it fits you well. A snug fit helmet is a good fit helmet. Select the purpose of riding and select the helmet, off-road or a touring helmet. Check the visor which you are comfortable and then put down your money on one.


Best Riding Gloves Motopanda

Gloves are one of those gears which would be in contact with the machine for as much time as you ride. So comfort and fit should be a priority here. There are also pre-curved gloves available. Gloves are made out of different materials, leather, rexine and reinforced materials which are much durable and may be resistant to water as well. You need to choose the term of what kind of whether you are going to ride. If it’s mostly going to rainy and snowy, one should opt for waterproof gloves. The life span of the glove is approximately 20,000kms and one can notice its wear and tear from the thinning palm area.

Riding Jackets and pants:

Best Riding Jacket Motopanda

Riding jacket is something which is going to protect you in case of collision, so is the riding pant. There are types of riding jackets available in the market and in different materials too, but as mentioned time and time again one needs to understand the purpose of riding. Body armour with a rally jersey and pants may look cool but they are made for the different purpose altogether. On the other a touring jacket with levels of armour and materials are different. A touring jacket and pant generally are made of mesh type construction for airflow, there are also leather jackets but very few of them come with armours pre-installed. The Riding jacket and pant have a 3 layer construction, the core or the outer layer, the inner layer which has a rain liner and inside there a provision for thermal liner. All these liners are removable. The touring jacket and pant come with shoulder, chest, back elbow, hip, and lumbar and knee protection.  According to the range you select, the brand you shortlist and the certifications you hunt for you would have a choice of a huge array of jackets and pants.


Best Riding Shoes Motopanda

Riding shoes are different than other normal shoes as they have protection, ankle protection and toe protection is bare necessity of the riding shoes. Like the above gears mentioned above shoes as well are there in many shapes and application. A colourful motocross shoe might look great but it may not necessarily serve the purpose of a comfortable long ride partner. Touring boots are comfortable fit, in which one can ride easily, walk easily and also have adequate protection. We recommend one must invest in ankle length shoes which can be water-resistant if not completely water proof.

According to us the above are essential gears which are required for one to start riding. Please try all the stuff before you buy, an online buy here may not be favourable as the fit and size vary brand to brand and country to country. We suggest you get the best according to your range. Please do not buy used riding gears. Invest in safety and it will last at least 3 to 4 years and don’t forget there nothing sexier than safety at least in the Riding world!! 

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