Best way to get a faster AC cooling in your car

We all want our car’s AC to cool our interiors quickly. But only a few cars with powerful ACs actually do it very quickly. But then these cars are also very expensive. Now we assume not all of us are rich enough to buy them. So we have experimented a lot with various techniques and came down to a very effective one.

Fast AC cooling Tips

Step 1) Open Windows and doors

If your car has been parked under direct sunlight it is going to so very hot in no time. But don’t worry here only the air trapped inside the car is going to be very hot. That’s good news because now we just have to get that air out. To do so open all your windows. If the air trapped inside is way too hot open the doors too for a while.

Step 2) Turn the blower on

Many people get this part very wrong they turn the AC on. Whereas we have to just start the blower at full speed so it starts blowing out the hot air and help in pushing out the hot air and some hot air trapped inside the vents too.

Step 3) Fresh mode

Set your air intake option to fresh mode.

Step 4) Close the windows

Once you feel all the hot air is now out of the car you can close all your doors and windows.

Step 5) Recirculation Mode

Once you have closed all your windows and door set the air intake to recirculation mode.

Step 6) AC Mode

Now once the recirculation mode is on we can start the AC so it starts throwing cool air.

Step 7) Set temperature to Low

Now when you turn the AC set the temperature to lowest possible temperature if you have a temperature-controlled AC unit or set your ac speed to the fastest if you don’t have a temperature-controlled AC unit. Do it for about 5 – 10 mins until you feel cold.

Step 8) Set According to your comfort

Now set the blower and AC temperature as per your comfort and convenience.

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