Best way to remove Fog / Mist in your car.

How to defog you car windshield Motopanda

Fog and mist occur due to the difference between the temperature inside of the car and that outside of the car. Fog and mist can form outside of the windows or even inside. This usually happens during the rainy season or during the winter. Well, we have researched and got down to these methods to help you remove this fog/mist from your car.

Steps to remove fog and mist from inside

Set your blower speed to maximum

Set your temperature to low

Select Defrost position

Turn your AC on

Select Fresh air mode

Generally, it does get selected automatically but if it doesn’t then select it manually.

Steps to remove fog/mist from outside

Set the blower speed to maximum

Set the temperature to highest

Select defrost position

Select fresh air mode

Use wipers

When you have fog forming on your windows in a running car and from outside this is a quick way to get rid of it. But remember this is just a quick fix and not a solution. If you don’t follow the above steps you will have to keep using your wipers all the time.

If you have a better way of doing it please comment below and we will feature your blog as well.

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