Motorcycle Chain Clean and Lube, is it Necessary?

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Chain cleaning and lubing is very important, right? Well, what if I tell you lubricating your chain is not necessary at all? Yes, all the chain manufacturers and chain lube companies are lying to us for years. Our chains are already lubed and sealed. Then why do we need to lubricate them? Applying chain lube will help our chains from getting rusted and makes the roller from where the chain bends friction-less and smoother.

Types of chains.


Every bike around us is attached with an o-ring type of chain

X- rings

These chains are present on superbikes.

If the O-ring type of chains say takes or consumes 1 bhp the X-rings will consume 50% lesser bhp on your bike. Hence X-rings are a bit on the expensive side and not commonly used.

Why to clean your motorcycle chain ?

When we ride our motorcycles all the dirt particles on the way may it be dirt or dust they start sticking to our chain. And after a while it forms a layer of muc on it. This can effect your bike’s performance and can also have an effect on your bike’s mileage.

How often should we clean our motorcycle chains?

If you are riding your motorcycle within city limits then this cycle can be somewhere between 750-1000 kilometres. But if you are riding it in road conditions with a lot of dirt and dust around then it is recommended to be done at 500 kms intervals.

What should we use to clean our Motorcycle chains?

There are 100 of products available in the market. All of them provide a similar results. But all these products have one thing in common that is Kerosene. So we at Motopanda, would recommend you to use kerosene instead of any other ready made product.

Is it necessary to lube our chains after cleaning them?

Yes we highly recommend you to lubricate your chain once you are done cleaning it. When you clean your chain with kerosene or say any other product it tends to fade your lubrication coats on the chain as well. So lubing it back is always a good option.

How do we clean our bike chain ?

Step 1: Put your bike on main stand.

If you do not have a main stand you can always make use of g rollers.

Step 2: Put your bike in neutral.

Spray kerosene on your chain and spin your rear wheel so your chain is easily accessible.

We are strictly against starting your engine and spinning the wheel as it is very dangerous and leads to accidents.

Step 3: Let the kerosene settle for a while.

Kerosene when left for a while helps to drip off the muc

Step 4: Use a brush and clean your chain

Step 5: Leave the chain to dry for 4-5 hours

Let the kerosene dry out. never apply lube immediately after using kerosene.

Step 6: Apply Chain Lube.

Best product for lubricating your motorcycle chain ?

Again there are many products available in the market. But we use gear oil. Yes it can be very messy at times and attract dust particles making your chain go dirty faster but it provides best lubrication.

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