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KTM Power Parts List With pricing Motopanda

We all were waiting for Ktm Adventure 390 for more than 2 years now. And now that it is here in India there is still some missing information about it. Well, the missing information is nothing but KTM 390 Adventure powerparts price list available in India. We have tried to cover all the power parts available at this given point and this informations source is a KTM showroom itself. So now you can share this article along with your friends who have bought an Adventure or are looking forward to the buy one.

The list of Power Parts provided by KTM India are mentioned below

SR noPart NumberPart DescriptionPrice
160012015000Helmet Lock 995
29051095104204Rear Sprocket 5414
379002901050Handlebar pad 3573
463512992044GPS Bracket 5627
590109945000Crash Bung 3576
663514999033Headlight protection 8695
795808908044Taller Windshield 8695
890502931144Clutch Lever
993013950044Brake Lever
1090113930144Footbrake Cylinder cover
1190813903000Brake cylinder cover
1277230902144Factory ignition cover plug
139013890600004Factory oil filter cover
1495835940044Radiator protection grille

KTM 390 Adventure Powerparts list available in India

Helmet Lock for your motorcycle

KTM 390 Adventure Powerparts - 
 Helmet Lock price Motopanda

KTM has involved this in their power parts list and this one is the cheapest of the lot. But at this price point, we feel it is just too expensive and you can get way better alternatives in the Indian market.

Rear Sprocket – Important in KTM 390 Adventure Powerparts List

KTM 390 Adventure Power sprocket Motopanda

Yes! This is a must-buy item that should be in your KTM 390 adventure powerparts list. This is made up of a stronger material and it’s light in weight making your bike lighter and faster. Plus the orange color is just an add on to it 😁

Handlebar Pad power part for your KTM Adventure 390

KTM 390 Adventure Powerparts -  Handlebar Pad price Motopanda

This is a part which is really not so famous in India at this time. But trust me this is the most important one you can think of buying as it will save your face from getting smashed if it ever hits the handlebar in any situation. We pray that such a scenario never ever occurs with anyone in the world. And kudos to KTM for adding it to KTM 390 adventure powerparts list.

GPS mount – The Best in ktm 390 Adventure powerparts list

390 Adventure GPS Bracket power part price Motopanda

You might have seen these on many adventure bikes. But if you are going to buy an Adventure 390 you will be having a provision for adding one on it too. The bracket seems to be a bit expensive but trust me its sturdy too.

Crush Bung – A must-have!

KTM Adventure 390 Crash bungs Motopanda

Crash bungs or commonly known as Crash Bobbins are also included in the power parts list and the cost and built quality are also similar to the ones you get aftermarket. So it can be an individual decision to make.

Headlight Protection for Adventure 390

headlight protection price Motopanda

A headlight protection kit is a must-have from the KTM 390 adventure powerparts list for an adventure bike but should you spend 8695 for it? It is well again a personal call but we would recommend getting a cheaper alternative which would the headlight grill which is not available in the aftermarket yet but will be available soon.

Taller Windshield accessory for Adventure 390 KTM

Adventure 390 comes with an adjustable windshield but if you are still short on the screen you can opt for a taller windshield that is available as a power part.

Clutch and Brake Levers as power parts for KTM 390 Adventure

KTM provides adjustable Levers on the stock bike but if you arent satisfied enough there are options for it in the power part list too!


The CNC power parts kit has 4 – 5 things to it. But why use a CNC Kit?

  • It is made of stronger material so lesser wear and tear.
  • It is made of Aluminum so it results in lighter parts.

Source: https://sparepartsfinder.ktm.com/

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