Airoh Valor Helmet Review

Airoh Valor helmet review motopanda

The Airoh valor helmet model is considered as an entry-level helmet in other countries, while the things are pretty different here in India. The entry-level for the Indian market start from ₹3000-₹4000, while this bad boy is priced at a good ₹12500 at MRP in India. But it comes with all the exciting features as well making the Airoh helmet worth the money you will be spending on it.

Weight of Airoh Valor Helmet

Talking about its weight. It weighs 1400 grams which makes it the lighter helmet category. But even that 1400 gram is so well evenly distributed you won’t even feel that weight.

The material used for Airoh Helmet

It is made from Thermoplastic HRT. Thermoplastic HRT is a very cheap but strong material used to built helmets. Also, Thermoplastic HRT is the reason you get the best safety at cheaper rates. Due to this solo fact is also a choice of almost all manufactures too. This helmet has a 5-star Sharp rating. Helmets with ThermoPlastic HRT do bag good points in the Sharp test.

Ventilation in Airoh Valor

This helmet has a total of 8 vents out of which 6 are designed for air inflow while the remaining 2 are for directing the airflow outside the helmet. Out of the 6 air vents used for breathing the fresh air inside the helmet 2 are fixed i.e they are always open while the remaining 4 can be adjusted according to your need. I have tried using this helmet in hot city traffic and not for once was I feeling suffocated or hot.

The visor of Airoh Valor Helmet

This helmet has one best feature that is the visor. Yes, the visor is UV protected, scratch-resistant, and all that it is supposed to be. But there is one more best thing about it. It’s WIDE! Yes, this is the best part of this helmet the visor of the Airoh valor helmet is wide. This helps you reduce your neck movements and have a check on the traffic on your sides by reducing blind spots.

The lightweight and wider visor can also lead to a feeling of forgetting that you have worn any helmet.

Inner linings

Airoh valor inner helmet pads

Inner paddings of this helmet are pretty comfortable and are removable making it easier for maintaining and cleaning them.


This is the only section where the helmet did make me sad but then again it’s not a deal-breaker. Airoh Valor used a micrometric ratchet making it easy to operate even with the gloves on. But I personally prefer a d-strap locking or the double d ring. Also, d-rings are track approved.

Road Presence

The graphics provided on this one are pretty awesome and the available color options are the primary factors in its road presence. I own a fluorescent yellow but mind you the color is visible but not at all very painful to the eyes like the other cheaper helmets in the market.


The airflow coming inside is a bit on a higher side making this helmet a little noisy. The Sol Helmets are way too quieter than this.


Will I recommend the Airoh Valor Helmet to a friend?

Yes, I will!

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