Amazing Places for a Bike Ride Near Mumbai

Motopanda Bike Rides Near Mumbai Vandr Lake

Are you looking for Amazing Places for a bike ride near Mumbai? Well, we have listed some of the common as well as uncommon places near Mumbai. Let’s have a look at them.

List of places for a Bike Ride Near Mumbai

DestinationDistance from MumbaiDifficulty Level
Pawna Lake140 Kms Easy
Vandri Lake 100 kms Easy
Tapola 300 kms Medium
Tansa Lake 100 kms Easy
Alibaug 110kms Easy
Naneghat 190 kms Easy
Punchgani 250 kms Medium
Igatpuri 140 kms Easy

Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake Best Bike Ride Near Mumbai

Pawna lake is very famous for all the campsites that have been developed here recently. It can be a small and easy weekend ride for your gang. Here you can just park your bikes and get into the lake and enjoy the water body.

Time: Pawna Lake is approx 3 hours 30 mins ride from Mumbai.

Distance: Mumbai – Pawna Lake is around 140 kms.

Tips for Pawna Lake ride

It is preferred to be done during the rainy season as you will also experience some fog in Lonavala. Last food option is a small food joint while taking a right from the Lohagad road. We carried Maggi from Lonavala market.

Map for Pawna Lake

Vandri Lake

Vandri Lake Motopanda

💎 Vandri lake can be considered as the lesser-explored place compared to other places mentioned in the Blog. Hence we gave it a Gem Badge. It is located in Palghar and is near Vasai and Virar. But this is a must-visit place from our bike ride near Mumbai list

Time: Vandri Lake is a 2 hours 30 mins ride.

Distance: Mumbai – Vandri Lake is Approx 100 Kms

Tips for Vandri Lake Ride

There are very fewer options for food on the way so if possible do carry your snacks. Don’t forget to carry extra clothes so you can enjoy the clean water.

Map for Vandri Lake


Tapola - Bike Ride Near Mumbai

💎 Tapola is a beautiful place situated on the banks of the Koyna river. It is a lesser-known place and can be also marked as a Gem. It is around 20-23 kms ahead of Mahabaleshwar. People tend to stay in Mahabaleshwar and due to this Tapola is less crowded and more beautiful than Mahabaleshwar. There are many Agro farms which offer food and stays at very cheap prices but not disappointing on their service. I’d say its a must-visit place.

Time: Tapola is around 6 hours ride from Mumbai.

Distance: Mumbai – Tapola is approx 300 kms.

Tips for Tapola

There is only one petrol pump in Tapola which was also out of service when we had visited so it’s better to fuel up in the Mahabaleshwar market.

Map for Tapola

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Tansa Lake – best for a bike ride near Mumbai

Tansa Lake Motopanda

Tansa is one of the dam from which Mumbai gets its water. It can be a small breakfast spin and lesser discovered by bikers.

Time: Tansa is 2 hours 45 mins away from Mumbai.

Distance: Mumbai – Tansa is 100 kms.

Map for Tansa bike ride


Alibaug Bike Ride Near Mumbai

Apart from being a good destination from bike ride near Mumbai list Alibaug is known for its cuisine and homely food available in every corner in Alibaug. Don’t forget about the clean beaches and the fort which is a major tourist attraction too. Well, it can also be a short ride destination. How? Ride in the morning towards Alibaug reach there by brunch, enjoy at the beaches, have lunch at some amazing place and ride back to Mumbai.

Time: Alibaug is 3 hours away from Mumbai.

Distance: Mumbai – Alibaug is 110 kms.

Tips for Alibaug:

If you want to save some time but still want to travel by your bike you can opt for the ferry which also transports your bike which is available from Mazgoan.

Map for Alibaug


Nane Ghat Motopanda

Time: Naneghat is around 4 hours 30 mins away from Mumbai.

Distance: Mumbai – Naneghat is 190 kms.

Map for Naneghat bike ride


Punchgani Road trip Motopanda

Panchgani is a hill station near Satara and is also famous for its hostels, strawberries, and raspberries.

Time: Panchgani is a 5 hours ride.

Distance: Mumbai – Panchgani is approx 250 kms

Tips for Panchgani ride.

Do not forget to try the strawberry cream and also the strawberry milk. (Rs 20-30)

Map for Panchgani

Igatpuri – The best place amongst all in bike rides near Mumbai list

Igatpuri road trip Motopanda

Igatpuri is a small town and also a hill station near Nasik. Many places like Bhandardara, Sula vineyard, Myanmar Gate, and many others are the nearest tourist attractions. The Mumbai Nasik highway is like a treat to the bikers as it is very smooth and tempts to rev the bike as hard as possible.

Time: Igatpuri is 3 hours away from Mumbai.

Distance: Mumbai – Igatpuri is 140 kms

Map of Igatpuri


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