Documents Required to Enter the White Desert (Rann of Kutch)

Rann of kutch Permit office Motopanda

The White Desert or the west side of kutch is the place where you can enter the white rann of kutch and enjoy it’s beauty the most. But this area is a restricted area and we need permission to enter the desert. The White Desert is located in Dhordo. Well, this is the same place where the Rann Utsav takes place. Rann Utsav is generally from October to February.

Map for the White Desert Kutch

Now to enter this white desert in Dhordo you need to take permits. These permits are available at some permit offices in the same vicinity. One is right at the gates of the White Desert, while we found one while coming from Bhuj and just before entering Dhordo at a check post.

Things you need to know about the white desert permit

The cost of entering the White Desert and permits is Rs 100 for Adult and Rs 50 for a Child. Well if you are in a vehicle you have to take permits for your vehicles as well. The cost of permits for a 2 wheeler is Rs. 25 and for that of the car is Rs 50. These permits are valid only for a day.

The documents required for a vehicle’s permit is the vehicle RC card. While documents required for an individual can be anyone from your Adhar card, pan card or Passport. You will be given a form that you have to fill and submit and once you submit it you will receive a print of the permit which you are supposed to show at the gate of the desert before entering it.

The timing for this permit office is from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm only. So if you have plans to enter the desert after 6:00 pm make sure you have taken all your permits well in advance.

This process hardly takes 15 mins. But if you enter this desert once and come out and if you want to enter the desert again you have to go through this process all over again. So the best time to visit the White desert is in the evening. Watch the sunset and stay inside to see the White Desert sparkle under the moonlight.

The final Permit
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