South India Road Trip Plan – 4200 kms Motorcycle Trip

South India Road trip plan

Serendipity – finding something more meaningful that what we always search for, that’s the kind of experience one is bound to feel when on road set on a journey. South India is one such part of our great country. Since school its been hardcoded into our minds our greatest strength lies in its diversity and for people who are traveling length and breadth of the country you surely feel so. From the chilly weather in the northern mountains, housing world’s highest motorable road to the west was even the barren land has its language of own with its white sand. This is where we want to offer a south India road trip plan. South India has something very mystic and serene feel about it.

Map for the South Indian Road trip

On the onset, once you start moving from the state of Karnataka you are pestered with the ancient carvings and sculptures, so much so that you may require few days to explore them in Hampi. Moving ahead in the vibrant state of Tamil Nadu you shall be welcomed with the religious diversity with humongous temples and churches in Madurai and Velankanni respectively. Go ahead to the coastal region flanked by the Bay of Bengal, you reach Ram Setu the very proof of ancient story of Ramayana. For a fact, the neighbor country is just 30kms away.

South India a 4200 kms road trip

Then we reach to what all refer to as God’s own country, yes it sure does feel that god really spent extra time creating this art. Kerala is beautiful from every way you look at it, the coastal side which runs to the south, as blessed it is with the flora and fauna it is equally blessed by the wildlife. So if you want to explore south India we have the right road plan for you. We are considering the points with Mumbai as a reference, if you need to customize according to your starting point do let us know team Motopanda will surely help you!!

Itinerary for South India Motorcycle Trip

Day 1 Mumbai to Hampi

Mumbai – Pune – Kolhapur – Belgaum – Hampi

Day 2 – Explore Hampi

Hampi houses many archaeologically important places and architecture. One can explore the old architecture on one hand and the chilled out atmosphere at the hippie island.

Places to visit in Hampi

  • Virupaksha temple
  • Matanga hills 1 km
  • Hemkuta hill temple 1.7 kms
  • Achutaraya temple 2kms
  • Kadalekalu Ganesh less than 1 km
  • Hampi archeological ruins 300mts
  • Lotus mahal 3kms
  • Vijaya Vitthal temple 10kms

Day 3 Hampi to Mysore

After Hampi it time to move south to Mysore, where we will explore the Mysore palace known for its lighting and its size and architecture. You need to hurry up as we have to move the next day. 

Hampi to Mysore distance is around 399 kms

Day 4 Mysore to Pondicherry

We move to the southeast to the beaches of Pondicherry, a French colony once and a place that still has the colonial charm retained. It is flanked by  French-styled villas and bakeries. Chill out let the wind blow as we are going to rest here.

Mysore to Pondicherry distance is 445 kms

Day 5 Explore Pondicherry

Places to visit in Pondicherry 

  • Paradise beach
  • Auroville
  • Aurobindo Ashram
  • Arikamedu

Day 6 Pondicherry to Rameshwaram

Link for Pondicherry to Rameshwaram road map

Pondicherry to Rameshwaram distance is 390 kms

Day 7 Explore Rameshwaram

You can visit the ghost village of Dhanuskodi, and also see the floating rock which is testimony to the bridge called Ram Setu discussed in Ramayana.

Places to explore in Rameshwaram

  • Pamban bridge
  • Dhanushkodi
  • Abdul Kalam memorial

Day 8 Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari

The geographical end of India on the southern tip, one can experience the best sunrise and sunset over here.

Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari distance is 297 kms

Road map for Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari: Check out the map

Day 9 Kanyakumari to Alleppey

Visit the most famous backwaters of Kerala, enjoy the stay in a houseboat, an experience like never before. Feel the lush green nature all over surrounding with natural melodies. Visit the spice market. 

Kanyakumari to Alleppey distance is 255 kms

Road map for Kanyakumari to Alleppey

Day 10 Alleppey to Wayanad

Move to north Kerala, a region famous for its tea plantations, waterfalls, and bamboo forests. An amalgamation par imagination. If you are lucky you just might hear an elephant.

Alleppey to Wayanad distance is 305 kms

Road map for Alleppey to Wayanad

Day 11  Wayanad to Gokarna

The place where the difficult yet important part begins, a trip heading back home. While on the way one can see and explore the Varkala beachfront or Kochi fort which still houses the Chinese nets.

Distance of Wayanad to Gokarna is 486kms

Road map for Wayanad to Gokarna

Day 12 Gokarna to Mumbai

It’s a big ride back but the most important one too. Keep your spirits up and eyes wide open to way back home. Its time to start planning the next big ride.

Mumbai to Gokarna distance is 708kms

Map for Gokarna to Mumbai road trip

One can always add Munnar for its unmatched natural beauty surrounded by the Western Ghats on day 8 and maybe skip either or Wayanad or Allepy, and if you are lucky you can explore all of it.

Make sure to wear your helmet and seat belt and drive/ ride safe. As always for riders, invest in riding gears because safety is indeed sexy. For more routes and ride plans and suggestions follow us at 

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